What is WomensRadio?

WomensRadio.com is a SEO-ready platform that offers women and men the ability to produce and publish their own on-demand Internet Radio Shows on this platform and anywhere else on the Web! Furthermore, all Internet Radio Shows published at WomensRadio.com reach a target online listening audience of women nationally and internationally, which means all of our Hosts have a global presence when they publish their Shows at WomensRadio.com. WomensRadio is also a free “added benefit” to AudioAcrobat® Members for posting audio content in which they want to reach a large audience of women globally.

What are the advantages of being a Host on WomensRadio?

1) WomensRadio.com began over 17 years ago and was one of the first and continues to be a major player in the use of Internet Radio on the Web.

2) When WomensRadio.com started over 17 years ago, women comprised only 5% of Internet users. Today, they represent over 50%, which means—using WomensRadio.com to publish your Internet Radio Shows, a site that targets its content to women specifically, is strategically beneficial to increasing your presence since women represent the majority of those who use the Internet.

3) Women, for the first time in history, now represent 50% of the workforce in the United States, which means—a majority of WomensRadio’s listening audiences are active members in society and have the power to take what they listen to in your Internet Radio Shows and act on this information positively.

4) Almost 40% of women in the US are the primary breadwinners in their households. This indicates a significant amount of buying power. An estimated 80% of all household purchases are done by women, which means—a majority of WomensRadio’s listening audiences have the spending power to buy products and services you mention in your Internet Radio Shows.

5) Women are better educated. In fact, 57% of college students are women, which means—a majority of WomensRadio’s listening audiences have the knowledge and power to take what they listen to in your Radio Shows and act on this information positively.

6) WomensRadio.com has a PageRank™ of 5. Page ranking relevance is an algorithm used by Google to determine visibility of a Website. It is a very important indicator of the success for Womensradio.com in searches. Basically, this means that WomensRadio.com is in the top 0.1% of all Websites out there and posting your Internet Radio Shows on WomensRadio.com will help increase your Internet presence as well!

7) WomensRadio markets all Internet Radio Shows to both its large database of thousands of women’s organizations and press contacts in the U.S. and Canada and its very large Social Media sites of over 19,000 fans/followers (see Social Media Icons at the bottom of WomensRadio.com).

8) WomensRadio uses Search Engine Optimization Technology (SEO). Therefore, when a Host posts their Internet Radio Shows on WomensRadio.com, their search results will go up, up, UP on the Internet!

9) All Internet Radio Shows on WomensRadio are automatically syndicated to Google News and its vast audience!

10) With the aid of our unique and trademarked technology, AudioAcrobat®we offer all Hosts unlimited amounts of listeners, across all time zones, world-wide.

11) WomensRadio.com is classified as “On-demand Internet Radio,” which means that listeners can tune-into your Internet Radio Show whenever they want and wherever they are located.  There are no time requirements for listeners to hear your Show with us–once you publish your Show on WomensRadio.com, anyone can hear it, whenever they want, wherever they are, globally.

  • Please Note: “On-demand Internet Radio” is not the same as “Live Radio”–this is actually one of the biggest differences between WomensRadio and other platforms on the Web.  Most other platforms will specialize in “Live Radio,” which means a) listeners will be limited by how much you are paying and when/what time those listeners can physically tune-into your live Show (time zones being a big factor), and b) you only get a certain amount of listeners at any period of time based on what you are paying.  Because WomensRadio specializes in “On-demand Internet Radio,” this means your Internet Radio Shows are all pre-recorded and when published, your Show receives unlimited listeners and global syndication/exposure because…the Show is now available “On-demand” or “whenever the listener wants to hear it.”

12) Listeners can interact with you by commenting on a Page that is dedicated to each of your Internet Radio Show postings on WomensRadio.com.  You can choose to get emailed when you have comments on a specific Show posting and you can respond directly to the individuals by commenting back.

13) WomensRadio.com is more cost effective and offers more features compared to all other Internet Radio Show services on the Web today!  Our Basic Plan, including all features mentioned above, is only $19.95 per month and the first 30-days are FREE!  This means you have 30-days to test everything for FREE and if you like it, you would begin paying $19.95 after your 30-day free trial has ended.  And, if you don’t like it, you are not required to stay since it’s a monthly subscription service–you can leave whenever you want.

14) You can choose to publish your Internet Radio Show anywhere else on the Web, including your own Website, etc.  This means that you are not required only to publish just at WomensRadio.com.  Also, by using our unique and trademarked technology, AudioAcrobat®, you will automatically have access to additional features at no additional cost, such as AudioNotes, input to Social NetworksPodcasting tools, Sizzle LinesCustom Player Themes, all of which can be used to promote your Show more extensively or for any other purpose you have in mind!

15) All Audio Players used to play your Internet Radio Show use HTML5, which means your published Internet Radio Show can be seen/heard on ALL Web browsers on smartphones, tablets, etc. without needing QuickTime or other apps to support your audio.

16) Our unique and trademarked technology, AudioAcrobat®, offers a mobile app that will allow you to record audio on-the-go and save that audio directly into your AudioAcrobat Account, which can be very helpful if you need to do an interview with someone for your Show in-person, right away.  Later, you can choose to publish the saved audio as an Internet Radio Show on WomensRadio.com (or anywhere else on the Web).

17) We offer FREE training and support on how to use our Web App, AudioAcrobat®, for producing your Internet Radio Show, and how to use any of the additional features that are included (see #15 above).

18) You can use our Web App, AudioAcrobat®, not only to create your Internet Radio Show but also to create any other form of audio on the Web for any other purpose you have in mind!

19) AND a whole lot more! The above points are just the cherry on top of a wonderful Internet Radio sundae for you!  We have more detailed information for you below if you would like to continue reading…

Do you have to be a professional broadcaster to participate?

No. WomensRadio.com was designed to allow anyone who wishes to reach a target audience of women globally to publish their on-demand Internet Radio Shows easily. We also have a way to train and “incubate,” for FREE, new talent who are not familiar with producing and publishing Internet Radio Shows (see “Trainings Tab” located on the top right of the WomensRadio.com Home Page for a list of the FREE trainings offered).

What training do you offer?

WomensRadio.com offers the finest and most reputable training on how to produce, publish and distribute your Internet Radio Shows. Our trainings will take you through step-by-step and all the training is FREE (see “Training Tab” located on the top right of the WomensRadio.com Home Page for a list of the FREE trainings offered).

Is the training required?

No. However, our trainings will not only teach you how to produce, publish and distribute your Internet Radio Shows, they will also teach you other nifty Internet Broadcasting techniques. Again, all this training is FREE (see “Training Tab” located on the top right of the WomensRadio.com Home Page for a list of the FREE trainings offered).

How much space will my program and I receive at WomensRadio?

Every Host will have their own Profile on WomensRadio.com and every time you publish a Radio Show on WomensRadio.com, audiences can listen and interact on a page dedicated to your recent Show post. Also, our WomensRadio.com Homepage will display: the categories of Shows posted; the most recent Shows posted; Shows posted that have received the most comments, and the relevant tags of Shows posted, all of which ensures your Shows can be found and seen in many different places at WomensRadio.com. Furthermore, the WR eNewsletter emails all of the most recent content at WomensRadio.com to our entire network, including organizations and press contacts!

Will audiences hear my programs live?

No. Producing programs as a “live” event is virtually useless on the Internet as you would limit your listening audience by geographic area, time zones and most importantly, by the number of live listeners you can actually have listening to your Show at any given time. This is why WomensRadio.com specializes in broadcasting on-demand Internet Radio Shows. “On-demand” means that anyone in the entire world can listen to your Internet Radio Shows whenever and from wherever they want! Producing and publishing an on-demand Internet Radio Show also means your listening audience can be larger than producing a “live” Radio Show because on-demand guarantees that your Shows can be accessed and heard whenever your audience wants to listen, all around the world! Furthermore, to create more audience, all of our Hosts’ Radio Shows are archived indefinitely as long as one continues to be an active Host on WomensRadio.com, which means, audiences can continue to listen to your older Shows whenever they want as well!

How many listeners can my program have at any given time?

It’s UNLIMITED!  This is the beauty of using on-demand Internet Radio with WomensRadio.com vs. “live” Internet Radio with other services.  On-demand gives you unlimited listeners at any given time and “live” Internet Radio does not.  Plus, “live” Internet Radio abilities with other services will always cost more to use and maintain.  So, why pay more for something when you will only be given a certain amount of listeners?  We don’t know why–that’s why WomensRadio uses on-demand Internet Radio.

Will audiences be able to listen to old programs?

Yes. Currently, we “archive” your programs indefinitely as long as one continues to be an active Host on WomensRadio.com.

If I use WomensRadio to air my Internet Radio Shows, who will own the copyright?

You will. And, by publishing your Shows on WomensRadio.com, this action prompted by the you/the Host, gives WomensRadio.com permission to promote your Shows on WomensRadio.com, any of its Affiliate Sites and Social Media Sites. This also means that since you will be in complete control of your copyrights, you must always make sure you have written, royalty-free permission to include any additional content that does not already belong to you within your Shows, which can include but is not limited to your use of Music, Images, Guest Release Forms, etc. Please see Site Terms and Conditions for full details.

Can I post my Internet Radio Shows on other Websites?

Yes, you can republished the audio content of your Internet Radio Shows, specifically, on any other platform/Website you desire! Even your own Website! However, while you will own the copyrights to any textual material you may publish at WomensRadio.com, by publishing any textual content on WomensRadio.com, you may not republish that textual content anywhere else on the Web afterwards. You may only republish the audio content. Please see Site Terms and Conditions for full details.

Please Note: The reason we do not allow republishing of textual content is because we must comply with Google Ranking’s Search Algorithm in order to protect both Contributors, as well as WomensRadio.com and any other Website from being penalized by Google. Furthermore, these conditions are only applicable to those publishing textual content in any form and does not apply to audio content.

Is there a minimum time commitment to participate at WomensRadio?

No, you can post Internet Radio Shows whenever and however much you want! However, in order to gain a larger presence anywhere on the Internet, we strongly advise that you post as often as possible, as new content will always rise to the top in Search Engine Results, which means–the more you post, the more you will be seen. Furthermore, we advise that you republished the audio content of your Internet Radio Shows, specifically, on other platforms/Websites, even your own Website because the more places you post your audio content on the Internet, the more places your Show and Hosting presence will be found/seen!

Can my Internet Radio Shows be seen/heard on “Smart Phones,” other Mobile Devices, iPads and other Tablets?

Yes! AudioAcrobat® offers special “theme players” that convert to HTML5 so your Internet Radio Show can be seen/heard on smartphones, other mobile devices, iPads and other tablets. AudioAcrobat® also offers a Mobile App on iPhones so you can record on your phone and have the recording save to your AudioAcrobat® Account when you’re on-the-go! The AudioAcrobat® Support Team can give you more information on this feature when you take their live online trainings.

Is there any equipment that I have to purchase to produce a program?

Not anymore! We have developed the easiest way to produce and publish streaming audio for your on-demand Internet Radio Show – it’s a Web-based service called AudioAcrobat®. When we began over 17 years ago, the equipment alone cost over $2500. Now with AudioAcrobat®, everything you need to produce professional on-demand Internet Radio Shows is available for just $19.95 per month and the first 30-days will be for FREE!

In order to post on WomensRadio.com for free, all Hosts are required to open and maintain their own AudioAcrobat® Account at $19.95 a month for the purpose of producing and/or publishing their Shows on WomensRadio.com. The AudioAcrobat® Support Team can train each Host on how to use the AudioVideo and Podcasting tools within their AA Account via the downloadable or live online trainings.

What’s even better is that AudioAcrobat®, while affiliated with WomensRadio.com, is treated as a separate service in which each Host may use their AudioAcrobat® Account, including the Audio, Video and Podcasting features, for other purposes outside of producing/publishing their Radio Show on WomensRadio.com!

Also, once a Host has created an AudioAcrobat® Account they are automatically enrolled into the AA Affiliate Program and if the Host gets just 4 people to sign-up via their special, affiliate URL—they will recoup the cost of the $19.95 making their AudioAcrobat® Account FREE at that point and an extra source of revenue if they continue to gain affiliate sign ups after the initial 4 people!

Is there anything else I might need?

Another great part about using AudioAcrobat® to produce and publish your Internet Radio Shows on WomensRadio.com—you can do everything we have mentioned above from the comfort of your home, workplace or anywhere in the world! If you want to produce audio directly via your computer, you might want to purchase either a good microphone or a Plantronics headset that can be used for phone recordings as well as recording directly into the computer. Occasionally, we also use Sonic Foundry’s Sound Forge software to record interviews in order to edit before uploading them to AudioAcrobat®, and we use Audacity—a FREE audio editing software.

How much does this cost?

Posting on WomensRadio.com and receiving all the benefits listed above is free as long as the person/Host maintains an AudioAcrobat® Account at $19.95 per month, which will be billed when you open your AudioAcrobat® Account. The first 30-days will be for FREE and it is a subscription service, so that means no “up-front” fees!

Is there anything else I should know right now?

Yes, we advise that you read or Privacy Statement, Legal Policy and Terms and Conditions. Please click HERE to review thoroughly.

How do I get started?

Just click HERE!